The Daily Sue

Get up and move!

Some mornings can be so hard. Hard to get up. Hard to find motivation. Lost on what your purpose is. When your dealing with these questions sometimes you feel like there is no point, why get up. Well, get up anyway. Yesterday you may have failed. Today you may be feeling dread about something you have to face. Get up and get moving. Put on your favorite motivation. Some people like music and other have podcast they like to listen to. You may want to get an audiobook you can play every morning. Give yourself some time to take a moment for yourself every morning. That might mean you have to wake up 15 minutes earlier.

Face the day however you can. If you notice you are not very productive give yourself a schedule and follow through. Start small, plan out your week. Set an attainable weekly goal, then come up with your daily plan to accomplish it.

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