I Feel Like I’m Failing As a Parent!

If you are ever left feeling like a failure as a parent you are not alone. I can’t speak for others but I can say myself, there are days when I’m left feeling a bit defeated. In the social media era, you are forced to see your friends and family winning at parenting. It leaves with the question what am I doing wrong? Why can’t I have that patience?

As I start off every morning praying for my peace and patience, it seems like the prayer is out the window before we can make it downstairs. Then I am left with the “mommy guilt”. I make daily goals to practice more patience and gentleness but for some reason my toddler just doesn’t seem to respond to that.

And of course, the internet Queen Moms don’t make it any better for me, because they just seem to have it all figured out. And that leads me to my daily internal battle, what am I doing wrong?

These sentiments are exactly my motivation behind this blog. I started this blog a couple years ago with no real plan or motivation. But through the pregnancy and birth of my second child, I have found my calling.

I wanted to create a safe space for mothers just like me, to come and read but also share their stories. To uplift and sharpen each other as a community.  Together we can get through this thing called motherhood. Sometimes when you feel that emotion of failure as a mom, you have to remind yourself that this is normal. Most moms at some point have felt this, but this is something we just don’t discuss. We put on these masks when we walk out the door, because we want everyone to think we are ok. We have it all together.

When you feel this emotion of failure don’t let it take over all your thoughts. Stop the comparing because although others appear to have it all together, everyone has bad days. Take a deep breath and look at your children. They are alive, well fed, and clean then pat yourself on the back. We will have bad days. The juggle of being a modern mom is hard and extremely stressful.

The fact that you have anxiety about being a good mom means that you are a great mom. You actually care about the upkeep of your children. The fact that you care means there is room for improvement. So, relax, take a deep breath, go to bed early or indulge in some self-care.  Childhood doesn’t happen in one day. Basically, the sum of your days determines how your child will view their childhood. Just work hard at making improvements, and in the mean time make the most of your good days.

Live in the moment and make

it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering.

—Fanny Crosby

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