When holding on causes more damage its time to, let it go. In my experience, this has not always been the easiest concept for me to grasp. I have held on to romance, friendships, and even dried up dreams way past its expiration date. Yes, I said it, expiration dates, I believe all things under the sky have them. It’s your responsibility to recognize when that time is up. If I can be candid, I have things in my heart that weren’t always there. That can happen sometimes because we are only human. As humans sometimes, you disappoint and other times you are the one disappointed. You have to learn how to let that hurt go.

When people or opportunities don’t serve a productive purpose in your life you should evaluate the energy that you put into these situations. For whatever reason some relationships can last a lifetime and some just don’t. I believe that people and opportunities come into our lives to teach us something about ourselves, or to teach someone else.

I understand how hard it is to release stagnant relationships. It awkward and sometimes it can be painful. You have to remember when you are facing theses types of situations, these are necessary pains to help clear room for positivity to enter your life. Continue to love and respect people, just from a distance.

See this as an opportunity to improve your connection with self.

Relationships tend to drain our energy at the same time taking the focus of what makes us happy. As adults, we  get stretched  thin between our responsibilities and relationships. When we are attached to all consuming type of relationships you sometimes are left with disappointment and emptiness. Take time to remember what makes you happy and what brings you peace. Instead of blaming yourself for relationships that went sour, or a job that didn’t work out in your favor, remind yourself how this ending will help you discover new beginnings.

Things you go through in life can cause hurt and damage. But you also have the power to let it go.  Holding on to these types of situations can limit your potential to progress in life. Don’t let those hurts bring bitterness, turn the loss into lessons and move the hell on.

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