Indications of Insecurities

As a person in the world, a black woman in this world, I know about insecurities. It is safe to say we all experience them in some facets of our lives.

Before we get into this I wanted to do some word dropping. Today I want to dig into insecurities, confidence, and arrogance. What exactly are they and how do we differentiate between them.

Insecurities are uncertainties or anxiety about oneself which can cause a lack of confidence. This doesn’t mean you are entirely insecure about yourself as a person. There can be areas of your life you are secure in.

Confidence is the solid understanding in a way that doesn’t require proving to others or the need for validation. Confidence is not loud, oppositely it is a peaceful quiet place to live.

On the other hand, we have arrogance. Arrogance has a different flavor completely opposite of confidence. Arrogance comes off as an overexpression of false confidence in order to mask a very loud insecurity.

Getting back to the point of my article, “Indication of Insecurities”, or should I say side effects of insecurities. Everything I post I make sure I am coming from an honest and genuine place. I can only speak from my own experience. Insecurities are human nature, they become dangerous when they are left to fester.

People who are insecure can:

Become victims of fears that impair their freedom action or choice.

Scare or push people away from them by their defensive attitude.

Become so inward that you seek to escape reality rather than deal with your real life.

Trying to overcompensate for your insecurities can create arrogance.

Insecurities have byproducts, these byproducts are what creates the confusion and turmoil in our individual lives. There has to be more of an emphasis on curing the cause of the symptoms.

Take a look at yourself exploring the facets of your life that create anxiety or uncomfortableness. Examine each area separately, write down whatever you relate to that specific thing. If the problem is another person remember broken people hurt other people. Being honest about your insecurities can open up the doors that create opportunities to gain confidence. Remember insecurities are basically about perspectives, you may not be able to change others but you can definitely change your own.

I hope you can find some truth in this and apply it to your life.


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