I Am My Sister’s Keeper!

Imagine what our world could look like if we were all our sister’s keeper. There is an awkward tension amongst sisters that I can’t understand. It has been my experience that some woman are convinced they want nothing to do with you, before you have your first conversation. Of course, I am not speaking for every black woman, just letting that be clear but I have to be real and acknowledge a weak area for most of us.  I put some thought into it and I want to talk about the issues that we encounter so that we can examine our own selves to become a better support system to each other. JEALOUSY

I am not throwing the blame and responsibility on something else but I feel society has created an atmosphere of competition amongst us. As woman, I notice there is an insecurity about other women winning in other areas. The comparison has to stop. I feel this is divisive and counterproductive to sisterhood. Learning what your insecurities are and dealing with them will help you gain genuine relationships with other women. It is impossible to offer yourself in a friendship when you can’t see your own worth.


I see woman put themselves in these boxes, or shall I say labels. I’m an educated black woman, I’m a natural black woman, I’m a woke black woman and the list can go on and on. I don’t think there is anything wrong with any of these. I am an educated, natural, and awoken black woman. But that is not all of me. These labels are dangerous, they can  create a sense of superiority to others. You are a woman first. I have talked to some woman who may not hold a high paying career or the education, most of these woman feel inferior to those that have these accomplishments. Where did this mindset come from? I think we have to make sure we are not shutting ourselves off from others just because their world doesn’t look like yours. This stunts our growth as individuals and kills the bonding amongst sisters, all sisters. Remember you have not always been where you are now. And to those who have goals you don’t have to stay where you are now. As sisters, we should pay it forward and always uplift and encourage others because the world will not

SIDENOTE: Ladies and I’m speaking to myself also. Never let anyone make you feel inferior. Walk in your truth and in confidence no matter your position in life. EMBRACE YOU AND YOUR BEAUTY! YOU ARE PERFECT!


Women across the board can hold a grudge like no other. I have seen women put up with murder from their men, but still mad at another woman for something that she said fifteen years prior. Okay, stop it no seriously, stop it. It’s time to elevate from that mindset. LET IT GO LET IT GO.

I know the root of our issue is deeper than this blog but I know we can start somewhere. It’s time to take back our sisterhood. Let’s stop hating on each other and collaborate with one another. We can grow out of the boxes that this society as placed us in. Reach out to different woman from different places. Learn to stand up for one another and start rejecting the behaviors that don’t invite unity. This does not have to be a tall task. When someone asks let them know, I AM MY SISTER’S KEEPER!

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